Thursday, December 28, 2006

This morning I wrote down a quote that states: "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go" - TS Eliot. I'd read the quote in a book that was gifted to me this Christmas by my Brother, and Sister in Law. The title of the book is Ultra Marathon Man - Confession of an All-Night Runner. I've not yet completed the book, yet I find myself inspired.

Perhaps its just the normal process of seeking out a New Year's resolution to kick things off properly, or just the fact that I have some down time during the slow week between Christmas and the New Year week in the office. All I know is that I'm sufficiently FIRED UP for the New Year!

Exciting things on the horizon at AzoogleAds, Inc include a host of new offers that have never been seen before on any performance based ad network. Our strong team in the New York office continues to get stronger with our top leadership, and a group of young, energetic individuals that have a fire in their spirits to succeed in 07.

Since starting at Azoogleads in October of 05, when I was one of only 3 or 4 new people in the office, we have grown to close to 50! Tell me that growth like that doesn't inspire you to get out of bed in the morning! There have been so many changes that have continued to make Azoogleads the top performance based Ad Network out there.

A bit about the network:

We have close to 20,000 affiliates in the network. Although in our inception we were sustained by a majority of Email Affiliates, that trend has shifted due to CANSPAM laws, and our strict attention to compliancy. Our network cut close to 1,000 Email affiliates about 6 months ago. This has had an interesting effect on the network. We have essentially created an environment where the creme can finally rise to the top! Our Email affiliates continue to get stronger, while our Search Affiliates are emerging as top performers as well. We continue to support Incentivized Affiliates, as well as Web Based Affiliates. Our attention to our core competencies has served us well, and the quality of our leads generated has only snowballed our growth.

All the best in the New Year to you and yours! I look forward to hearing from you, working with you, and learning from you!

Chris Dessi
Director of Sales, Northeast Region
212 308 8509 x3242

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