Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Be a Part of the News: VOTE IN THE 'AD AGE' WEEKLY ONLINE POLLBACKGROUND: In Mark Zuckerberg's high-minded conception, one's collection of Facebook friends should reflect one's real-life social network by providing accurate data about users and by being a close-to-comprehensive map of all the important nodes in one's life. Yet there is evidence that people -- especially younger folks -- like to lie or at least fudge the truth on their social networks. But even more vexing is the question of whether Facebook can hit -- and maintain -- critical mass among adults. And for many adults, their online networks aren't representative of their real-life networks. THIS WEEK'S POLL QUESTION: Do you think MySpace and Facebook users' profiles are an honest reflection of who they are? VOTE & COMMENT for possible publication in next week's 'Advertising Age' at

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