Thursday, January 24, 2008


The third week at Zanox is coming to a close, and things are just starting to heat up! Week One: Rani Nagpal VP (formerly of Gratis, and Meetmoi) and I headed to Berlin for training. What a phenomenal, inspiring and bright group of people we encountered! The teams from Zanox UK, Zanox Spain, Zanox Amsterdam, Zanox France, Zanox Italy, and of course Zanox Berlin were there in full force. Then the following week Rani and I headed to Chicago for a few days, now back to the office in New York. Currently we're located on 42nd and 5th at the Axel Springer offices (Our parent company). We have a great view of the empire state building. This has proven to be the perfect setting to brainstorm our 2008 strategy. We are all excited about the upcoming Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, and we're ready to show the performance based online marketing world that we're here to stay, and nobody can compete with our international reach, boutique customer service and industry know-how.

Looking forward to a break-out 2008!!

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Anonymous said...

Does Azoogle know you took their user database to your new employer and emailed their clients? Good luck with that.

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