Friday, August 15, 2008


Last week was a whirlwind while attending the Affiliate Summit in Boston, but before I headed up to New England, I swung by the eTail show in DC.

Immediately a few topics were defined as "hot" -


Obviously this is nothing new, but to hear mobile being discussed as a valid channel in the retail world is always exciting. Amazon's mobile storefront was cited as an example. The warning? Online retailers need to have not only mobil offers, but a mobil storefront of their ecommerce sites.

Social Commerce

Apparently the research tells the tale. Users are becoming more and more wary of business to consumer communications. Who do consumers trust then? They trust thier friends. 91% of consumers took the advice of their friends when looking for advice on a purchase. When consumers are in the process of purchasing a TV, 55% of consumers have done some sort of online research.

Consumer Experience

During eTail it's not surprising that the conversation centered around the consumer, and how to better serve them. One interesting stat was that apparently when a consumer has a good experience with your company they'll tell one person. When they have a bad experience, they'll tell 3 people. The most interesting stat (to me anyway) is that when they have a bad experience, but said experience is addressed and remedied expeditiously by the retailer - the consumer is likley to share that experience (in a positive light) with 5 other people.

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