Monday, September 29, 2008

Legacy is greater than Currency

I know I'm getting borderline obsessive here - but since Gary Vaynerchuk completely blew my mind when I saw him speak at the Web2.0 Expo there is one of Gary's little gems in particular that I enjoyed -

Legacy is greater than Currency.

Gary made the point that our great, great, GREAT Grand kids will know everything about us. It's up to us to decide what our legacy is going to be.

I thought long and hard about this point. Gary challenged everyone in the audience and for me it was such a paradigm shift that I can't seem to stop thinking about it. At no other time in history have we ever put so much "out there".

I think Gary's real message is: Maybe it's time to stop chasing the money, and start to do some soul searching about what you really want to do?

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