Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Thanks to UstreamTV, I have been able to "attend" TechCrunch50 virtually for the past two days. There is still another full day, and I'm loving it. Some of the presentations are amazing, but what I find even more amazing is the feedback that they get from expert panels. Immediate feedback about monitizing their businesses, and even brainstorming with each CEO on streams of income that they may not have thought of themselves.

Some of my favorites that I am pushing our marketing department to utilize immediately:


We can use the service to monitor our own press activity. We can use the information we get from Filtrbox daily e-mails and the dashboard to create reports for board meetings and other internal presentations. We can measure the effectiveness of our PR program and our market presence. we used Filtrbox to provide a snapshot of the effectiveness of our PR strategy, particularly in direct comparison to similarly timed announcements by competitors.

They make something like sharing our charts very very simple. They make the data and meta data visible to search engines as well, so if someone is searching for a performance based ad network with international expertise in retail, our retail presentation will show.

My favorite so far has to be fitbit.com which automatically tracks your fitness and sleep. This is so appealing to me that I immediately wrote to the founder to tell them how impressed I was with their presentation and product. You can wear the product (clipped on your pants or if you a woman - bra), you can sync it wirelessly with your basestation - where the fitbit site will aggregate your data and auto sync software - then you get to the fun part- anyone that's been using Mint.com - knows how much fun it is to aggregate details about your life in an attractive interface. In this case, they aggregate your caloric intake, steps and distance via that tracker. You can login to the fitbit.com website to check all of your data, and share with friends and family - can you say competition!!!

I love FITBIT.com!

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