Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hard work doesn't kill you - boredom and disease do

I love to work hard.

I love it when there's a project that I'm so excited about that I pop out of bed with a spring in my step. It seems to be less and less common to hear people talking about how they love to work hard. I'm not talking about working 20 hours work days (read: working for face time and being completely inefficient). I'm talking about making a contribution - building something, giving back.

Remember when you first started to work and everything was a new and exciting experience? Remember how you were terrified to ask questions, but you were so humbled by the sheer volume of new information, you kept your mouth shut, listened, worked hard - an you LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT?

I think it's time we all started to work hard again.

Today - ask lots of questions - really listen to you colleagues - I mean really - REALLY listen, try to learn something, and WORK HARD.


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