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1 Mio EUR Contest Finalists: MindMeister
Posted by swa in Web Services Contest, October 29th, 2008
We want to introduce the finalists of the 1 Million Euro zanox Web Services Contest 2008 to the public. They made it out of ca. 150 to be invited to present their business model at the Finale of the 1 Mio EUR zanox Web Services Contest 2008.

MindMeister – Online Collaborative Mind Mapping

MindMeister ( is the market-leading collaborative online mind mapping and ideation tool. Launched in May 2007, the site
had attracted more than 140,000 subscribed users since going live and won several prestigious awards.
MindMeister is at the forefront of Office 2.0, a trend of moving productivity tools online, which was initiated by Google with its well-established “Docs” suite. Such applications take advantage of the
possibilities of the Internet to allow for real-time collaboration of globally distributed users, just through a standard web browser.

MindMeister achieves this for the world of mind mapping, a fast-growing structural thinking and brainstorming technique even better fitted for collaborative use. MindMeisters benefits comprise
easy of use, online and offline availability, real-time-collaboration, and sharing. It innovates the way you take notes, brainstorm, or plan your projects. MindMeister – a solely browser-based software service – takes out the hassle of maintaining software installs for usage in organizations like schools or enterprises.

With its latest v3 release MindMeister introduces the concept of WikiMaps (a super-easy collaboration mode), an animated History View, much improved Task-Management, and its own file format.

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