Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Stop watching F-in Lost

The title of this post was a tasty little tid-bit of advice from Gary V of fame. Gary blasted this perfectly thought provoking comment during his killer key note presentation at the Web2.0Expo in New York. The audience erupted. We were eating out of the palm of his hand.

I couldn't agree more with our friend Gary. How many hours do we waste in front of the ole' boob tube? How powerful would it be to your child's life if you spend that hour reading and playing with her, instead of watching TV? Or maybe we could (as Gary was alluding to) work on what our real passion is during that time? My passion is being a father. Being around my daughter heals me. My family is my life, and my passion. I don't want to be just a Dad. I want to be a Dadzilla! Be amazing at whatever it is you do. What's your passion?

And for the love of God, please stop watching f-ing Lost!

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