Thursday, July 24, 2008

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing continues to move forward at an accelerated rate despite numerous predictions of a downturn. We're seeing record numbers across all country offices, and continue to be attentive to our bottom line.

Recently we also released news that we're planning on giving away 1million Euro....well not really "giving" it away. We're asking that developers submit their business plans for our review. We will select the best plan, and award a cool million....EURO no less!

Take a look at some of the details on our company blog:

interested candidates apply by setting up an corresponding account and accepting the terms of conditions.

zanox makes a pre-selection by analysing the zanox publisher statistics of the candidates during the entire contest.

the best 20 candidates will be asked on September 30, 2008, to turn in their business plans until October 5, 2008.

the ultimate top 10 candidates will receive invitations to the closing event in Berlin (probably October 24, 2008).

within a business plan-conference/-competition) the top 10 candidates will get the opportunity to convince the jury by giving a short presentation of their business model and team.

the jury will officially announce the top five candidates in the following recall party.

all participants will be promoted with their brand and Ranking to the campus sponsors and the zanox investors network.

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